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The Waverley Novels - Illustrated Edition with The Author's Notes - 48 Volumes (Hardcover)

by Sir Walter Scott (Author)

All of Sir Walter Scott's Waverley novels, with engraved ilustrations published between 1896 and 1898.

Collectible – Good.  47 volumes very good condition, vol. 48 has damage to spine, but otherwise very good. £125.00

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Jehol: City of Emperors (Hardcover): Translated from the Swedish by E.G. Nash (Hardcover)

by Sven. HEDIN (Author)

Collectible - Good

This first definitive study of Jehol (Chengde) Summer capital of the Chinese Emperors Kiangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong, the latter of whom built a number of temples (including a minature of Lhasa's Potala palace),  representing the peoples of his Empire. The site is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Ist US Edition. very good clean tight copy, no dustcover. Inscription in front endpaper 'Bunton C Pomeroy' 1933. £45.00

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The Eldorado of the Ancients: Rhodesiana Reprint Library - Silver Series Volume Sixteen Hardcover – 1977 by C. Dr. Peters (Author)

Facsimile of the original 1902 book where the German archaeologist Dr Peters considered the stone ruins of Zimbabwe evidence of Phonician presence in Southern Africa, as a gold trading centre. He drew this conclusion as her felt that it would have been impossible for the local population to have achieved such levels of sophistication. (They had). A fascinating glimpse not only into early excavations at the Zimbabwe site, but also into the mindset of the era.

Book very good condition, dustcover has wear around edges. Dedication on inner cover from Christmas 1977. 2 folding maps and many illustrations.  £24.99

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Life Turns Man Up and Down: High Life, Useful Advice, and Mad English: African Market Literature Hardcover – 2001

by Kurt Thometz (Author, Editor)

A unique anthology that brings together examples of once wildly popular but long out-of-print African market literature never intended as art: irresistibly charming, brief literary anomalies in all genres, written for entertainment, instruction, and moral guidance.

Collectible - Like New   Like new condition, presented in faux stained dust jacket, and book in faux 'cheap paper'. A wonderful book of West African market literature. £34.99

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